Among America's Top 2016 Multivitamins

SupplySide West is the go-to event for natural products professionals. The creative collaborations and innovative ingredients that are a hallmark of the event are also the driving force behind the thriving marketplace. As such, the 2016 gathering marks the 5th annual celebration of the SupplySide CPG Editor's Choice Awards—recognizing some of the coolest new launches of consumer packaged goods (CPG) products across more than 20 categories.
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Nutrition to the Max

13-Jun-2016 Fox 29 San Antonio: Dr. Jonny Bowden on Nutrition to the Max

Spring hangover? Get over with the allergies, exhaustion and sluggishness. Nutrition Myth Buster, Dr. Jonny Bowden talks about oxidative damage which happens to our cells from within. Luckily, a lot of natural nutrition have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to help.

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ABC 7 Features Rev•Up Wellness

29-Apr-2016 ABC 7 Washington DC: Are allergies zapping your energy?

America's Health and Wellness Expert, Dr. Felicia Stoler talks about powerful natural antioxidants from the Abies alba bark extract, Abigenol, that help boost our immune system and provide energy because our bodies get tired from nursing those allergy symptoms all day long.

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Rev•Up Wellness featured on ABC 5

25-Apr-2016 ABC-5: Be Well with TCL: Allergies 101

Our immune system can get out of whack fighting today’s seasonal challenges! Alternative Health Expert, Dr. Bryce Wylde talks about how to balance and modulate our immune system with natural nutrition such as powerful natural antioxidants from Rev•Up Wellness.


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Fact or Fiction: Cold and flu edition

27-Jan-2016 Fox 4 News: Dr. Bryce Wylde talks about new products from Rev•Up Wellness.

Before you get hit hard by runny noses or high fevers this winter,  it's important to learn the truths to beating the flu and colds. Medical expert and celebrity health author, Bryce Wylde visited FOX 4 to debunk some myths related to the winter sicknesses. Wylde is well-known for his regular contributions to "The Doctor Oz" show. 

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